Over time, tattoos have developed from mark and symbols of our conquests to a means of expressing our creative side. Styles as well as older systems of tattooing also have been enhanced to accommodate the ever-growing needs of the modern spirit that was free.

A Here a particular kind of ink is added by means of a needle into the skin. Many cultures have employed tats throughout history for assorted functions which range from spiritual to ornamental ones.

Tats are created by injecting coloured pigment below the top always transforming layer of the skin. The injected pigment stays visible through the see-through top layer of the skin and subsequently bonds with the skin cells. A badly made tat can either lose its definition or fade out entirely and distribute beyond its borders. The long-term and invasive nature of the procedures means the tattoo artist must be seasoned and quite gifted in the whole procedure.

How much a tat damages additionally depends significantly on where it’s set. Tats which are put in sensitive regions like the ankles, back rib cage or any place close to bones often damage somewhat more in relation to the ones in more fleshy places do. Just pinch any place that you just believe would be right for your tat.

Beard hair Trimming Strong Tricks

It is possible to be sure that the Beard hair is grinding away extreme tallness and also the hairs are facing the exact same path by brushing the hair of your whiskers. Only shave as you normally and keep at heart the uncovered portions of cheeks and your neck. The shaving cream should be washed out completely along with your whiskers should not be dry. Adjust the hair span selector of your trimmer you should trim. Till the minute that you’re accustomed to trimming your facial hair using a trimmer it is better so that you do not trim off excessively use a more drawn-out hair setting.

Trimming the amount of your Beard hair. The trimmer has to be used together with the gatekeeper connection on. Hold the trimmer in an approach that the front component of the cutting is facing much from you. Start using the beard hair trimmer in your jaw taking following the line of your jawbone. Work you way up to your own ear and facial hair that is upper. Using the watchman connection of the trimmer it is possible to take following the contours of your face. You could trim against or together with of facial hair development the heading.

Take away and keep the trimmer with trimmer cutting edges facing you. The cutting edges that are sharp must touch your skin softly. Continue transferring the trimmer over the edge of your whiskers till you reach the place that is craved.

The finishing touch. When using the trimmer this provides the most effective management. Together with the removing unit facing you transfer the trimmer over the brush and hold the trimmer on a level plane.

Be fashionable using the ‘Stubble Look’. Your trimmer gatekeeper link has postions that are distinguishing. Transfer the trimmer down or upward using the length of hair growth or against it. Which course, is up to your own disposition.. Expertise the last two phases once more, using the trimmer watchman link evacuated, to produce a much superior appearing “stubble look”.

Beard hair trimming suggestions that are last. You must establish the trimmer into a more if you are just starting to use a whiskers trimmer. Cutting at an inordinate quantity of will set aside some time to come up with back. Trim a bit at a time as wet hair seems longer than it is actually.

How to Choose a Good Tattoo Artist

How to Choose a Good Tattoo Artist

Choosing a tattoo artist is probably the biggest decision you will need to make, right after deciding that you want a tattoo in the first place.

First, ensure that you get your tattoo in a clean and well- lit studio. A sterile studio can also be on in a self-contained mobile tattoo studio. Whatever the situation, ensure that your artist’s studio is located in an area where sterile conditions can be met.

Make sure that everything the artist uses is either sterile or disposable. The artist should not dip the needle in a big bottle of ink; he or she should set aside enough ink to complete the tattoo in a smaller disposable container. The tattooist should never use his or her fingers to take our petroleum jelly or any other ointments from the container. They should use disposable sterile spreaders for this. Ensure that the tattooist wears disposable latex gloves for the entire exercise. The tattoo artist should sterilize his or her equipment after every use with an autoclave.

A good artist will always provide you with photos of his or her previous work for you to go through and probably get some ideas of what you would like.

A good way to find a reliable artist would be by talking to people with tattoos that you admire. If someone is pleased by the services he or she received from a particular artist, chances are that they will gladly refer you to them.

You may also want to consider the exact nature of work you need done. Just like all professionals, tattoo artist have their specialties. Although all artists are well qualified in a wide range of designs and style, each one has that design that they can do in their sleep. Therefore, when you ask around, find out if you can get with the artist who originated the style, you are looking for. An artist who developed a particular design will be a good bet when it comes to replicating it.


Do not feel pressured into settle for a design that you don’t like. Take your time and ask as many questions as you see fit. While doing this, also remember that the artist is a businessperson and cannot set aside hours to discuss a design with you. Most artists will be more willing to open up to a client if they believe that the client is serious about getting a tattoo.

When you’ve finally chosen the artist and are sitting in the chair getting your design, do not give into the urge to direct his or her. If you’ve done your research well and have asked all the right questions, then sit back and trust the tattooist to do a good job. Nobody likes to be questioned when they are doing what they know they are good at.


Summer Time!

I live for the summer. I live for the heat and the water. There are a handful things in life better than jumping in the sea on a summer day.

And this year I found this: http://www.waterproofbluetoothheadphones.net/

Bought 3 pairs of headphones and test them all. 2 worked perfectly when I was jet-skiing, snorkeling, swimming, jumping in the water. 1 of them had a small problem though. The connection wasn’t good so the quality suffered. They were waterproof and bluetooth, but connection wasn’t that great. But OK, I can’t complain on other two. They switch my whole perspective of music and the water. When we were kids the first rule was you can not put electric things in water. Ha, I guess things has changed.


Bong Mania

I was in more than 20 houses in last month of July. Each and ever one of them had the little device called bong. Usually it just sits in the leaving room cabinet almost in the middle of the room. I guess that is normal now.

As a complete newbie I don’t even know name the types I saw. I know some of them were made from glass, other ones from plastic. But that’s about it. And when it comes to accessories, there is so much of those stuff.

In a week I will be visiting my friend who also has one and I am planning on asking him everything about smoking a bong and all the additional stuff.

No, I do not plan on buying a bong or start smoking one. I am just very curious person in my nature.

[Xaml] IoC-enabled Xaml parser

As this post is about a scenario that is not discussed very much even in English, I won’t write this post in French in order to have a broader audience.

WPF and Silverlight are very good candidates for applying IoC concepts. Coupled with MVVM pattern, IoC make it really easier to build testable and robust applications. However, one limitation is that the Xaml language itself does not play well with it (as it’s basically an object graph Serialization / Deserialization language and so it only works with concrete types). So to instantiate data contexts from an IoC container, we need to write code-behind code. This problem is even more annoying for the WF use of Xaml (as with WF4.0, we do not have Code-Behind anymore).

Fortunately, with .Net 4.0, the xaml readers and writers have been completely refactored in a very extensible way. So we are able to provide our own XamlSchemaContext that provides the XamlNodes instantiation logic. The resolution of a type in the .net 4.0 Xaml reader is done through an abstraction layer:

From a given xaml namespace / xaml element name, the XamlSchemaContext is responsible of resolving a XamlType which represents a Clr Type. This XamlType provide a TypeInvoker responsible of the instantiation of a XamlType. By creating a custom XamlSchemaContext that replace the default XamlType resolution by a unity-enabled XamlType / XamlTypeInvoker whenever it finds that the default one is not capable of creating the requested object, we can rely on the container to resolve these types.

So we’ll be able to parse things like that:

<Window xmlns=”http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml/presentation”


xmlns:my=”clr-namespace:XamlIoCDemo;assembly=XamlIoCDemo” >


<ContentControl x:Name=”barContent”>

<my:IBar />


<ContentControl Content=”{Binding Content.OtherService, ElementName=barContent}” />




With IBar being an interface. I won’t go trough the details of the implementation, but here is what I wrote to parse this Xaml and display it :

IUnityContainer container = new UnityContainer();

container.RegisterType<IBar, BarImpl>();

container.RegisterType<IOtherService, OtherServiceImpl>();


var ctx = new WpfUnityEnabledXamlSchemaContext(container);


var reader = new XamlXmlReader(“SampleWindow.xaml”,ctx);

var result = System.Windows.Markup.XamlReader.Load(reader) as Window;


You can see that I wrote a WPF-specific xaml schema context (which is needed for the Wpf-specific features, like binding expressions). I also provided a more generic one for general purpose Xaml. I did not check it against WF 4.0, but I’ll try it in my way back from the MVP summit.